Double Coin Tyres

Double Coin Tyre Group Ltd. is a leading tyre manufacturing company that manufactures both stock A and stock B tires. Majority-owned by Shanghai Huayi Company, Double Coin is famous for its high-quality and stability. The company has got a strong force on research and development and also has a state-level technical center.

When it comes to specifications and types Double Coin beats all other tyres brands in more than 100 countries. It was also the first-ever company to be certified by the US Department of Transportation (DOT), the INMETRO (Brazil), and the Economic Center of Europe (ECE). The company has played a great role in recent years in the Chinese Tyre Industry. The group has got different production bases including Double Coin Heavy-Duty Radial Truck Tyre Co., Double Coin (Rugao), and Double Coin (Chongqing).

The Double Coin group implements professionals designed brand strategies that help it lead the Chinese tyre industry from the front. Be it all-steel radial truck tyres, all-steel radial industrial tyres, all-steel radial light truck tyres, or all-steel radial OTR tyres, Double Coin has its leading position in both local and international tyre markets.